Blenders Gold - Why did you stop carrying Blender's Gold Tobacco?

Fort Wayne, Indiana 4 comments

I have been coming into your stores for years every week to buy my pipe tobacco and I always bought $20 to $30 of other stuff while I was there. Now I have no reason to go into your stores at all. I have been going to CVS instead because they still carry pipe tobacco.

you have done this to me before. I just get used to liking a product you have and then you stopped carrying it. One was cashews not roasted in any peanut or soyoil which I and a lot of other people are highly alergic too. the ones you had were roasted in safflower oil which was great.

I have had it.



I can not find Master Blenders Blenders Gold Premium Pipe Tobacco anywhere in stores nor online. What a rip.


I just found this in a bigass old and delicious it was.

now there's no more.

sad day.wah.


I just don't understand it.Blenders Gold, especially Peach Melba in 12 ounce bags, has been my choice since it was first marketed.

Now your brands come in 3.5 ounce canisters.

I won't buy these and won't be shopping anymore at Walgreens.Big mistake!


They will miss you ! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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